Our journey started with
two simple questions

A new food revolution started with a simple idea

We started our quest with the basic question - How does food get spoilt?

The food gets spoilt because of the action of microbes which would need air to survive and an conducive temperature to thrive. So our simple process involved creating a vacuum and sterilising it by steaming. And Tadaa! A new method of cooking was found letting us keep all of nature’s goodness intact in the fresh produce without the need of any nasties what so ever.

With our first success with Sweet corn, we extended the process to different lentils and vegetables. Tadaa! The ultimate snack and kitchen convenience was born. Being good to yourself never got so easy!

With the love and support of our consumers we are now selling millions of packs of these in India and beyond.

we are obsessed with good food, naturally!

  • Good food start from the seed and soil, and so we start there
  • Nature makes food so perfect, so why alter? its food just the way nature intended.
  • Its Steamed - Not fried, not baked, not pickled, its steaming with goodness
  • It is sterilised and does not require refrigeration. easy on-the-go goodness

Our continuous
commitment for food safety

Along the journey, we care about leaving the world a better place than we found it. Hence our particular attention to the environment – both ecological and social and thus our focus on farmer education, soil health, sustainable waste management by converting fresh agriculture waste to fodder and water recycling.