The journey of good
food starts at the farm

We are extremely passionate, in fact obsessed about truly good food. Food that is fresh, tasty, healthy. So we have Nature as our chief-food-maker. We facilitate it with an amazing set of growers, choicest seeds, best seed-soil fit, and the best agricultural practices. That’s why we are up early every morning ensuring that every plant is well tended to and we deliver to you truly good food, just the way nature intended.

We have started our work on making food entirely traceable, we owe it to our consumers and to the farmers. It is high time we gave visibility to where it is due, the farmers

Know where your corn is born

Click on the link above.

Enter batch code

Know where your corn is born

Every pack of sweetcorn comes with a QR Code to make this easy. We would soon extend this to all our products

We make better choice for the planet and consumer alike

We believe in making better choices about how our food is grown. We use compost to amend the soil on a regular basis, to replenish organic matter and nurture the roots. Our farmers are trained and comply to the Global Good Agricultural Practices to ensure there are no residue in our produce.