Ta-daa! the ultimate
convenience in cooking

In our aim to revolutionize cooking and encourage more people to eat healthy, home-cooked meals, our latest offering is our brand of precooked vegetables, tubers, lentils and fruits. Ta-daa! Now you can have hot steaming potato fry in minutes, spicy corn kernels when traveling, and dinner on the table as your kids say “I am hungry”

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  • Pushpa Seshan

    I can pride myself to be a good cook. I bought a pack of boiled Kabuli Chana and had kept it in the shelf and forgot about it. One evening my grandson came to me and told me he wanted to eat “nani ke haath ka chole”. I quickly tossed the pack of boiled Chana and made a Chole in minutes. The Chana was perfectly boiled and my Chole turned out just awesome. My grandson called me “magic and tasty nani”. My pride took a new dimension. Looking forward to toss up dal makhani with Tadaa Boiled Rajma in 5 minutes. With Tadaa! I want to be Hussain Bolt of the kitchen
  • Sunila Benjamin – Director in an MNC

    Love the convenience offered by Ta-daa range of products. Making a healthy homemade meal is no more so much of a hassle. Also, I find the boiled sweet corn a great and energising mid-day snack and a meal replacement on hard work days. This is the truly healthy and satisfying snack.
  • Nikita Roy – Oncologist

    Health comes first to me naturally. Ta-daa range of just boiled food offers convenience, health, taste all in one combination. Good Innovation and Kudos to the Ycook team. Looking forward to more from you. I specifically love the boiled sweet potatoes, filled with goodness and perfectly cooked. This is my soul food anytime.