I am Bean!!
The Kidney bean!!!
Filled with protein, I can make you lean
With minerals and vitamins in my gene
I am good for you and fit well into any cuisine
Try me now and see what I mean

Kabuli Chana

I look like the little peas
But I am the mighty chick peas!!!
Filled with goodness piece to piece
I give the best protein for you veggies
Iron and Manganese give you energies
My good fibers that clean your little tummies


Yellow, Cheery, Cool and Bright,
I am the humble corn Alright
Goodness filled in every bite
Vitamins, minerals and fibers might
Snack on me with full delight
I am your humble corn Mr. Right

Sweet Potato

So very delicious, so very nutritious,
Toast, mash, soup made luscious
Sweetly and happily I made every meal sumptuous


Up and down, round and round
The famous potato, I grow underground
Across the globe I am full abound
Fried or Mashed, cut or ground
Versatile food well renowned
Fried and browned, I increase your pound
Boiled and Mashed, I am all goodness newfound

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Tapioca, Cassava or Yuca I am called
can be boiled or baked versatile so called
Chewy and juicy good carbs filled
Fibre a plenty, dish a dainty,
with me every meal is fulfilled

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Tuvar Dal

Toor, Arhar, Pigeon peas or simply Dal
Along with cereals I make a balanced food for all
Stew, Tadka, sambar, soup or Dal
For a nice dose of protein, eat me full and hall

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