Not able to get in a nutritious home-cooked meal for yourself or your family because of time constraints? Ta-daa is just what you need!

The Woes

Let's take a couple of scenarios: A busy housewife managing the kids and taking care of household chores. A hard-working professional who is the last to leave office, coming home late and being too tired to cook. A frustrated mum running out of healthy and tasty snacking ideas for her little ones. An individual wanting to eat healthy but unable to afford the highly priced nutritious foods in the market. A travel enthusiast, needing a snack on-the-go. College students living away from home and missing the delight of home-cooked food. Sound familiar? If you fit into any of these situations, you are definitely a Ta-daa person!

The Solution

The gruelling hard work is taken care of- by us. From sourcing the best quality seeds to cultivation and farming, we bring to you superior quality, ready-to-cook products that are simply boiled and packaged within hours of harvest. Firm believers of quality over rest, we are 100% natural with no preservatives or additives, with zero-pesticide residue in all our products. Our precooked foods ensure that there's no time wasted on soaking, cleaning and peeling! Now that we have made it simple for you, no more excuses! All you have to do is choose from our list of varied products and whip up a quick and delicious dish. For the health conscious, our boiled chickpeas form the perfect food. Just throw them into the blender, mix them up with other ingredients and make yourselves some healthy hummus. You could also opt for our sweet potatoes to make an appetizing salad.

Get Cooking

For the busy bee mums, hand your kids our boiled corn kernels or corn on the cob with a dash of salt and lime and you're set - this one works well for all the travellers too! For the busy housewives, cooking up a quick dinner with our already boiled tuvar dal has never been easier!

For all those missing home-cooked meals, replicate your mum's delicious rajma curry by giving our rajma a try. And for the hard-workers at office, all our precooked options are at your disposal, just take your pick and get cooking as you save time on all that soaking and peeling.

Ta-daa my problem solver!

Busy entrepreneur and mother, Manjira Dutta shares her experience

I am always strapped for time but hate to order in too frequently. And those greasy ready-to-eat curries are just too bad! The added problem is that I'm also uncomfortable with leaving my daily cooking to a cook.So what to do? It was quite by chance that I got to know of Ta-daa and my problem was solved!

Yes, the corn is perhaps the most easily available of the Ta-daa products but what works for me best are the ready-to-cook rajma, channa (chola), toor dal (arhaar), potatoes and the sweet potato - spice up or season as liked and serve! Yes, no soaking or pressure cooking required for the rajma, chola, and dal; no boiling for the potatoes...

All you need to do is soak the packs in boiling water for a few minutes, cut, open and cook as liked. So easy and ready in minutes. I also find it very convenient to stock the packs for unexpected vegetarian guests. You can rustle up tasty rajma and chola even if not soaked overnight!

I was a bit concerned about the packaging but learnt that their conserving technology is top notch. Their preservation method is simple, they boil the products (retorting) to kill food decaying micro-organisms and then seal them in vacuum packs, with no air and no bacteria, food stays preserved for long in its natural state without the need of any preservatives.

This natural cooking process, where the produce is minimally processed, seals in the freshness, taste, texture, color and nutrients to bring you farm-fresh produce, for a year without any preservatives or additives or even refrigeration.

That's not all, their farm-to-fork approach benefits both farmers and consumers alike. Farmers find a more economically viable and sustainable solution to get the best yield from the crop by enhancing the soil health and creating a sustainable farming ecosystem. While for consumers, it is the best way to get unaltered, preservative- free and nutritious food alternatives to their traditional food selection.

All their farms comply with the Global Good Agricultural Practices, ensuring zero-pesticide residue in their products. The products here are a result of extensive R&D to choose the right seeds and farming it themselves to bring to you impeccable quality products, grain after grain, pack after pack. The goodies are 100% natural with no nasties what so ever - no preservatives, no additives and also entirely non-GMO.

Without Preservatives

Human beings have been preserving food since prehistoric times. But this practice was only perfected by the 20th century using various technological advancements. Many of these techniques are still in place today and are used for preserving a bounty of produce throughout the world. Let’s take a look at how preservation works and the unique preservation method Ta-daa uses to keep their products farm fresh

Perks of Preserving

Many a times people think that preservation is synonymous to preservatives, not necessary. There are many methods where you can preserve food without adding any preservatives

The process of preservation ensures there’s no decay or spoilage of food thus allowing it to be stored in a fit condition for future consumption. Preservation ensures that the quality, edibility and the nourishing value of the food remains intact and prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that cause food to go bad. Here are some common types of preservation methods without any preservatives:

Drying:the oldest method of food preservation which reduces water content of food and hence prevents bacterial growth.

Freezing:our good old refrigerators to the rescue!

Pickling:is basically preserving food in brine (salt solution) or marinating in vinegar (acetic acid).

Canning and bottling:sealing cooked food in sterile bottles and cans; the container is boiled killing or weakening the bacteria.

The Ta-daa Twist

What makes Ta-daa stand out from the rest when it comes to preservation is their exceptional method of using vacuum pouches and retorting. Now what is retorting? It is simply the process of boiling the produce. After this stage a preservation process follows where the produce is put into packets which are pure vacuum (all the air has been sucked out of the packet and then sealed tightly with the food inside) this is done to ensure that there is no air for the bacteria or any other food decaying organisms to breathe and thrive in. This method makes sure that all our veggies retain their farm fresh goodness. The freshness and nutrition are locked in without any additives or preservatives. What’s more? No refrigeration is needed as products stay fresh in ambient temperature for 12 months!



modern-day cooking with Ta-daa

The big bane of modern life? Lack of time! Close on the heels follow the challenge of trying to stay healthy through mounting environmental problems. Ta-daa holds out a helping hand... Read on to know more


Our purpose here at Ta-daa is to revolutionise cooking and encourage more people to eat healthy, home-cooked meals, by providing them with packed precooked options, to whip up some delicious food at home (ghar ka khana).

TA-DAA brings you a host of packaged, just-boiled lentils, vegetables and tubers with a unique health edge.


With taste, health and convenience all wrapped in one, Ta-daa's ready-to-cook just boiled products are packaged within hours of harvest. Their unique and differentiated retort processing retains the peak harvest freshness, texture, colour, taste and nutrition, and brings farm-fresh produce to your urban kitchen.

Ta-daa provides convenience for busy housewives to cook up a quick and healthy meal for their kids and for hardworking professionals who need a fast and healthful snack on-the-go.

With taste, Health and Convenience all wrapped in one, Ta-daa's ready to cook just boiled products are packaged within hours of harvest.

We source the best quality seeds and farm it ourselves to bring you the same superior quality of products every time. We don't delegate this because quality is not a choice for us, but a way of life. This way we ensure that our goodies are 100% natural with no preservatives and no additives. Also, by guaranteeing Global Agricultural practices, we ensure zero-pesticide residue in all our products. The foods at Ta-daa remains fresh for a year with no refrigeration (No hassle of crowding up the refrigerator - buy and stock in bulk).

And the products here are also100% non-GMO!

Reach out for Ta-daa when you are strapped for time and need a nutritious and scrumptious fix for yourself, your little one or for a party of 10!


A range of fresh tubers which include Boiled Sweet Potatoes, Tapioca and Baby Potatoes. The lentils comprise Boiled Rajma, Chickpeas (Kabuli Channa) and Pigeon peas (Tuvar Dal). The heroes are Boiled Corn Kernels and Boiled Corn on the Cob!

The Golden Rule

In most cultures, it is suggested to eat lucky foods on New Year's Eve for a fresh and prosperous start. So, this time around, for an extra dose of luck try some corn - the bright hue of the corn kernels is known to be a symbol of gold. The more the kernels, the more good fortune is brought into the next year since corn symbolizes financial rewards.

Making corn bread is a popular New Year tradition in the U.S; you too can try something new this year and make it for yourselves (to ensure extra luck, add extra corn kernels, which are exemplary of golden nuggets!).

The Corny Know - How

  • Add corn kernels into your diet this New year, not only will it bring luck, but it'll also bring in a boatload of goodness and nourishment to your body and soul.
  • Gift corn to your friends and family and pass the luck around to your loved ones.
  • Get your gardening on and plant sweet corn in a pot, you can reap your reward in 75 days.
  • String together boiled sweet corn kernels and garland the God you worship.
  • Use corn in rituals involving growth and transformation. You can also associate it with self-sustainability and fertility, both for people and for the land.
  • Create herbal sachets out of the husks to use around the house to bring in the magic of corn.
  • Sprinkle corn around your ritual area to define the sacred space. This is a great way to create an eco-friendly circle.
  • Create a corn husk chain, with each link representing a magical goal. As you get closer to the goal, remove a link, and either burn it, bury it, or return it to your garden.

So, if you're in need of some luck this New Year, be sure to try our pre-cooked Corn-on-the-cob and Corn Kernels - we have grown the sweetest sweet corn and boiled it to perfection just for you!

Tadaa wishes you a very Happy New Year filled with luck and abundance.